Best Health / Wellness - 2021 Best of Fair Oaks
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Kaia FIT Fair Oaks/Orangevale

Kaia FIT is a year-round fitness program for women that offers functional training, motivation, nutrition, and results. Our 60-minute workouts are group-based and led by certified trainers who will help ensure you are working safely and effectively for amazing results. Kaia is for EVERY woman...each of our exercises has a low-, mid-, and high-impact option so everyone can do the workout together while each functioning at their own personal level. Whether you’re an elite athlete or haven’t ever stepped foot in a gym, you’ll walk through our doors and find support and encouragement to get into the absolute best shape of your life. Come join us!

Geri's Garden Spa

This spa is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Geri. She always made sure that everyone was comfortable, taking care of their needs before her own. Mom always said she would love to have a garden-style bathroom where she could unwind after a busy day. She never did get her garden style bath, but this namesake spa is the realization of her dream; a cozy spot to rest and relax, reinvigorating both the body and mind. Mom can look down now and be happy that others are able to enjoy her dream. They say if you name a place for someone who has passed, their soul will visit often. My mom is in heaven now, but her spirit is here enjoying Geri's Garden.
Best Health / Wellness