Best Home Based Business - 2022 Best of Fair Oaks
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Tupperware Home Economist - Diana Cralle Chamber Member

There's a reason why I've been in Tupperware 40 years---I Love and Believe in the Product! After 28 years of owning our own Tupperware Distributorship (Dinamite Party Sales) in Sacramento, I decided to "semi-retire" and return to a home-based business in Fair Oaks. Thanks to the Chamber, past customers, and Rotary friends, you've kept me in business. If you want to know the best product for your needs, give me a call. Some products I have on hand and some I need to order; but it gives me pleasure to serve my customers.. I’m also a certified Custom kitchen Planner and trained in Microwave Cooking. If you’re interested in a Microwave Cooking Class with your friends, or a personal cupboard organization, give me a call.
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