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Rotary Club of Fair Oaks Chamber Member

The Rotary Club of Fair Oaks is a Club that has been part of the Fair Oaks Community for over 75 years. Our Motto is: "Service Above Self", and we are known as "People of Action". You will see us participate in most of the Fair Oaks Community gatherings and projects. Most recently you probably saw us manning the Beer Garden at the Chicken Festival. Or you may have brought your kids "trick or treating" in the Fair Oaks Village which was put on by our our Rotary Club. You'll definitely find us once a month or more dating time at the Orangevale/Fair Oaks Food Bank, or cleaning up Madison Avenue in front of Bella Vista. To find out how you can be part of serving the community, check us out at our website, or call 916-838-3182.

Inner Wheel of Fair Oaks Chamber Member


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